Burton Dasset Pre-Wedding Sunset Shoot – Adam & Nadine


A balmy August evening at Burton Dasset was the perfect opportunity to meet up with Nadine & Adam a couple of months before their wedding day.

They would probably be the first to admit that the thought of having their photos taken was an altogether awkward prospect. This often leads to  fits of the giggles and not quite knowing what to do with yourself in the start; and that was certainly true for Nadine & Adam,

The great thing is, on photos, awkward giggles look just the same as normal laughter! And when it comes to ‘knowing what to do’ … that’s where we come in. The ‘presence’ of the camera soon dissolved and we were just hanging out, chatting about their plans and having some fun in the beautiful golden light that was bathing the hillside. 

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the pub for a drink and a bowl of chips (thanks guys!)… 

Fast forward 6 weeks and I’m holding Nadine’s train as she races around their Cotswold venue; “this is a cool spot for photos” she says excitedly, “and this one, and this one… oh, and over there too!”. Brilliant! 


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